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Sarah has a power.  A power to bring her dreams to life.  But her power has become twisted. Her father used to abuse her and that has imprinted on her.  She killed her parents and the state decided she needed to be hospitalized. They sent her to Mercy Hospital.  She spent 8 years there, and went through a couple of doctors. The whole time, her power was changing and corrupting the hospital.  The staff didn’t know who was altering them and their patients, but just witnessed the havoc it was creating. Dr. Drizz took Sarah on as a patient.  Some think he was trying to help her, but others thought he had more nefarious plans. Once he realized the corruption was coming from her, he sent her back home with a nurse to Cedar Grove.  Since she has been home, her town has slowly started to warp and twist into how she envisions it. Normal people have started to change into her strange version of them. Cedar Grove is being corrupted and so are the visitors.  Will you be twisted into one of Sarah’s NIGHTMARES?

haunted house theme park haunted attraction

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