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Earl Piper owns the gas station on the outskirts of the Cedar Valley.  After recovering from freak accident involving a cracked fuel line that severely burned the right side of his body weird things have started to happen...  He claims to see people from the other side, people that have yet to crossover.  Some people believe something has caused those who have died to remain entrapped in the area, their souls cannot escape, and Earl can see them.  He also claims that with his new found “Sixth Sense”, he can see places that are thin enough that people can pass through, allowing the living to walk amongst the dead.  

While some think he is a crackpot, others believe him.  We don’t know the truth but when you stop for a fill up at Earl’s Pump & Go why don’t you ask to see for yourself.  Can you visit the other side, and make it back alive, or will you be stuck in the Valley of the Dead?  haunted house theme park haunted attraction

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